Zontes ZT250-R

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Zontes ZT250-R
Zontes ZT250-R
Zontes ZT250-R
Zontes ZT250-R
Zontes ZT250-R
Zontes ZT250-R


  • Category: Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Colour: Blue
  • Make: Zontes
  • Zontes Model: ZT250-R
  • Year: 2024
  • Engine Displacement (cc): 250
  • Condition: New


Zontes ZT250-R

Service Intervals: 1000km & every 5000 km after

Warranty: 2 Years / 20,000 km

Specs: Please see image above.


– Electric function

The petrol tank cover, seat lock, and digital control panel are electric and the buttons are distributed on the left and right easily accessible for the rider.

– Comfortable Sitting position 

It is more suitable for long-distance riding that the handlebars are adjusted backwards and upwards, the pedals are adjusted forward and downward, and the riders keep their back straight and gravity backwards.

– Nitrogen rear mono-shock absorber

The design of a built-in air bag filled with high pressure nitrogen is adopted for the central rear shock absorber to reduce the hydraulic oil temperature; it can provide greater restoring damping force during riding at high speed, and the high-pressure nitrogen in the air bag can also change the air spring characteristics inside the shock absorber. The overall design is comfort-oriented, the spring preload is small, and the movement stroke is increased to improve riding comfort and the feeling of fatigue during long-distance travel.

– 360-degree positioning rotating mirror

– Transformer Appearance

LED design is adopted for all lamps of the motorcycle, reducing battery load and improving the length of the light beam in the dark. The ZT250-R headlamps improve lighting efficiency and limit attenuation as seen in traditional lamps after long-term usage.

– High-strength internal circulation oil-cooling frame

The entire frame is welded by robotic engineering and made of high-strength steel. Since the oil is pumped through the frame for heat circulation, there should be no crack or leak on the frame even if being impacted.

– It is equipped with the latest Bosch (German) ABS model 9.1M

The rider will feel confidant even when braking in a corner or on various road surfaces such as sandy and wet roads.

– High strength alloy rear fork

ZT250-R engine:

The running resistance of the components is very small because there is no engine oil sump in the gearbox of the ZT250-R engine. This dry sump design greatly improves acceleration and performance, which previously was only found on racing motorcycles. The principle work as follow: after the motorcycle is started, the engine oil in the gearbox is pumped out by the oil pump A into the frame for circulating heat dissipation. The cooled oil is pumped back to the countless injection channels specially designed for the engine by oil pump B, and sprayed at each part directly like a shower head for lubrication and cooling.