Posting Rules

Posting Ads on My Adz (Pty) Ltd

When posting ads onto the site, users need to follow specific rules in order for our site to operate properly and so that every ad has the correct exposure on the site! We need to keep the right balance between what to post and not to post.

  • We provide My Adz (Pty) Ltd with a customer service team able to handle both back offices and front office abilities.
  • Giving them various contact channels like Email and WhatsApp support therefore helping the customer in every way possible way.
  • All agents are updated daily with new policies so that we can be up to date with how site works- showing the customers product knowledge when in contact with them.

When Creating Ads

My Adz (Pty) Ltd is a local classifieds website so we try to encourage users to keep everything local and to post ads within the South Africa.

  • No Duplicate Adz
  • Items not allowed
  • No offensive images
  • No adult content
  • No sold item
  • No discrimination
  • Photos need to be linked with the content of your ad

It is important that users post their ads in the correct category to get the correct exposure.

Each category has its own posting rules to follow:

Add these rules together…

We have several categories for users to post ads into and these are divided up into several other sub categories which help users choose the best place to post their ad in.

Ad content……

  • We have the correct fields for phone number, emails and address
  • None of these as well as websites/URLs are allowed in the description, title or pictures of ads.
  • No key word spamming in the title of the ad.