Safety Tips


  1. Never transfer money in advance! A request for payment in advance generally always turns out to be attempted fraud. You are taking a big risk with this type of transaction as you do not know the recipient.

Payment Tips:

  1. Make sure that you receive full payment for the services or goods that you advertise on our site before closing the deal.
  2. If the buyer pays in cash notes, make sure the notes are not fake.
  3. If the buyer is paying you via electronic transfer, make sure the funds have reflected in your account before releasing the goods or services.


  1. Make sure the location is safe and secure where and when you meet the seller/buyer.
  2. Check the goods or services before paying.
  3. Ever hear the phrase “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”? Stay away from unreasonable offers.
  4. If unsure, clarify before buying.
  5. Compare prices before making the purchase.
  6. Never disclose financial or personal information other than what is needed for the payment.